Technical SEO

The foundation of your site.

Why is technical SEO necessary?


Technical SEO is the foundation of your website’s search engine optimization. No matter how great your content, if your foundational technical SEO is poor, your site won’t perform well.


It’s a ranking factor that Google cares a lot about. Therefore, you should care about it too.


It can impact your user experience. If your site has tons of 404 errors, duplicate content, and other technical errors, it could lead them to bounce and visit a competitor’s site instead.

Our technical SEO process

The benefits of technical SEO


It can help with long-term website health. Your website health is contingent on multiple factors, one of which is your technical SEO.


It can boost your SEO. One of Google’s major ranking factors is technical SEO (well, there are multiple ranking factors that fall underneath the technical SEO umbrella).


It can help you outperform competitors. Many brands have poor technical SEO on their websites. This can give you a clear competitive advantage to Google.

What will happen if your site has poor technical SEO?

Poor Technical SEO Can Inhibit Your Site's Performance


Your site could be penalized by Google. We’re not talking lower rankings. We’re actually talking about Google giving your website a penalty that could have dramatic negative impacts.


Your competitors will continue to outperform you when it comes to SEO. Basically what this means is that you could be missing out on revenue.


If your site has poor technical SEO without you knowing, then you won’t be able to take action and do anything about it. Data is a business’s best friend, and having this technical SEO will allow you to make progress towards long-term growth.

Our technical SEO philosophy

Fix the highest-priority errors first. Many other SEO companies will try to fix every error. It sounds great, but it’ll cost you a fortune and won’t significantly increase your technical SEO results.
Make sure that your technical SEO strategies align with Google’s up-to-date best practices.
Make sure that your content has advanced technical SEO strategies that are highly impactful to increase rankings, traffic, and sales.

How to get started with improving your technical SEO - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about technical SEO:

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of meeting Google’s technical standards to help improve your website’s organic rankings. Some elements of technical SEO include website architecture and Google’s ability to easily crawl and index your website.

Why Is Technical SEO So Important?

If Google finds your website difficult to navigate, your website’s visibility will suffer. Your website needs to be easy for a user and Google’s crawlers to navigate, which requires technical SEO.

How Can You Improve Your Technical SEO?

You can improve your technical SEO through a variety of technical SEO best practices like ensuring your site architecture is organized correctly, increasing your page speed, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, and more.

What Is A Technical SEO Audit?

There are many different factors that make up technical SEO and it can become confusing knowing what needs to be adjusted and what doesn’t. A technical SEO audit will clearly diagnose any technical aspects that do not align with technical SEO best practices so you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own.

How Does Technical SEO Help Boost Your Website’s Visibility?

When your website follows proper technical SEO best practices, it sends a signal to Google that your website is a legitimate and credible source, therefore boosting your site authority and visibility in the search engine.

How Much Does Technical SEO Services Cost?

The cost for technical SEO services can vary depending on the needs of your business.

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