SEO Consulting

Investing in SEO strategy that leads to long-term, predictable growth.

Why is SEO consulting necessary?


Most brands are focused on finding affordable SEO companies to do ongoing work. However, they don’t consider that many SEO companies focus on the wrong strategies. So while the work itself might be “cheap,” it’s costing businesses way more money long-term.


Without a proper SEO strategy through a seasoned professional (like a consultant), you won’t know what the most important things are to focus on.


It helps you create a long-term plan that you can feel confident in. Through the correct consultant, you can gather relevant data to structure a 6, 12, or 18-month SEO strategy.

Our SEO consulting process

The benefits of SEO consulting


You can break through the noise to figure out what’s truly important to focus on in order to grow your brand.


You get an expert, outside perspective to take an objective approach to your brand’s SEO strategy.


Long-term, you’re likely to save thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars implementing an SEO plan.

What will happen if you don't invest in SEO consulting?

You'll likely invest money in the wrong SEO strategies.


Without a data-driven SEO consultant, you’ll likely invest some of your marketing budget into SEO strategies that won’t get a positive return.


Your competitors will continue to outperform you when it comes to SEO. Basically what this means is that you could be missing out on revenue.


You won’t have clarity on which SEO strategies are best for your business. Your team will spend hours researching, but they’re not the SEO experts.

Our SEO consulting philosophy

Focus the entire strategy around reaching your goals as quickly as possible. Many other SEO consultants focus their entire campaigns on obscure SEO goals like keyword rankings or engagement metrics, which may or may not help you reach your tangible goals.
Create a strategy based on “low-hanging fruit” opportunities. Sure, there could be 20 different SEO strategies that your business could implement – but which ones are highest priority?
Follow future SEO best practices. Many SEO consultants will recommend strategies that are not designed for the future.

How to get started with SEO consulting- 3 easy steps:

FAQs about SEO consulting:

What Is SEO Consulting?

An SEO consultation provides you with a report of changes you need to make to your website to follow SEO best practices.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO Consulting?

An SEO consultation can save you time and help you remain competitive in your market by informing you of changes that need to be made and which solutions will work best in aligning your business with SEO best practices.

What Is the Difference Between SEO Consulting and SEO Services?

An SEO consultation will provide you with changes and solutions to align with SEO best practices, whereas an SEO service will not only provide solutions but also implement them.

When Do You Need An SEO Consultant Vs. SEO Services?

If you already have teams within your organization that implement SEO practices, an SEO consultant may be the best option for you, as this can provide your team with actionable strategies to implement.

Is SEO Consulting Worth It?

Yes. SEO consulting can save you time on developing SEO strategies and provide you with expert advice on which solutions will best impact your business’s SEO.

How Much Does SEO Consulting Cost?

SEO consulting is based on a customized pricing structure depending on the needs of your business.

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