We predictably get you placed in legitimate, high-quality publications.

Why is PR for SEO necessary?


One of Google’s most important ranking factors is backlinks. Running a successful PR campaign for SEO can generate dozens of natural backlinks.


PR helps make your brand more authoritative. By getting placed in high-quality publications, your brand will experience more trust from potential customers.


Not only can PR help with SEO, but it can also generate leads and sales on its own (if you’re published in the right publications for your niche).

Our PR for SEO process

The benefits of PR for SEO


Google will see your website as more authoritative (due to an increase in high-quality backlinks and “brand mentions”) -this will lead to an increase in domain authority (and therefore SEO).


You’ll see an increase in leads. By getting you published in the right publications, real potential buyers will read stories about your business.


It can help you outperform competitors. Many brands do not have successful PR strategies – this will give you a competitive advantage.

What will happen if you don't invest in PR for SEO?

Your website won't be as authoritative as it could be.


If all other SEO factors are optimized, your website will likely perform just fine. PR for SEO are designed for brands that are trying to dominate – if those brands don’t invest, their competitors likely will.


Your brand won’t be as trustworthy – consumers trust brands who have stories written about them in top publications.


Your site’s backlink profile won’t be as robust as it could be (which will inhibit your SEO performance in the future).

Our PR for SEO philosophy

Legitimate stories are key. We know that if we are patient and find the right fit, it’ll lead to tangible results.
The story should be created first. Then, how it can be leveraged for SEO should come second.
It’s about quality, not quantity. We will never try to sell you on recurring PR – the goal is to find the right publications at the right time.

How to get started with PR for SEO - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about PR for SEO:

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a piece of newsworthy content that is used to distribute and announce events to the press.

How Does A Press Release Impact SEO?

Press releases can increase your brand visibility and can also lead to natural backlinks that can help increase the authority of your website.

How Do You Get A Press Release?

You can order a press release to be written through an SEO company.

Is A Press Release The Right Strategy For My Business?

A press release may not be a good strategy for everyone. To benefit from a press release, you want to have newsworthy-type content that can generate buzz and excitement.

Why Are Press Releases Nofollow Links?

Press releases should be no-follow links, meaning the press release won’t help or hurt your website’s ranking in the search engine. Nofollow links help you reap all the potential benefits of a press release without being penalized by Google for paying for a backlink.

How Much Does A Press Release Cost?

The cost of a press release can vary from project to project and is based on a customized pricing structure.

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