Market Analysis

The only way to successfully break into a new market is through data.

Why is a market analysis necessary?


Before entering a new market, it’s important to have as much data as possible. By gathering data, you’ll have insights into how that market operates from an SEO perspective.


It allows you to properly create a comprehensive marketing strategy based on data (instead of assumptions), which will lead to quicker success.


If considering going into multiple markets, then having relevant data will allow you to know which market is best to target.

Our market analysis process

The benefits of a market analysis


You have absolute clarity on how that market operates from an SEO perspective.


It can save you marketing dollars and potentially years of pain. How? Many people, when entering a new market, operate off of assumptions. This will allow you to take action based on intelligent data.


It can help you outperform competitors once you enter the market. By outperforming competitors quickly, you’ll become profitable and dominate.

What will happen if you enter a new market without conducting a data-centric market analysis?

You'll be operating off of assumptions.


You’ll take action based on assumptions. Entering a new market, in most instances, requires start-up costs. This market analysis makes sure that those start-up costs are being spent on the right things.


If you enter the market, those competitors that are already there will outperform you when it comes to SEO. Basically what this means is that you could be missing out on revenue.


If the new market requires a digital presence, you’ll likely target the wrong keywords, which will inhibit your digital exposure.

Our market analysis philosophy

Gather as much data as possible to understand exactly how the market operates.

Look at the top-performing players to see 1) why they’re winning, 2) how they’ve structured their SEO campaigns, and 3) how they’ve built other relevant SEO assets.

Build a roadmap to successfully enter the market and start gobbling up as much market share as possible.

How to get started with your market analysis - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about market analysis:

What Is Market Analysis?

A market analysis is a comprehensive look at an industry’s customers, competitors, and other market variables.

Why Is Market Analysis Important?

Market analysis can help you determine valuable information like market trends, gaps, customer interactions, how competitors perform, and more.

How Does Market Analysis Boost SEO?

Market analysis can help you determine which keywords and content topics have the best ranking opportunity for your business.

Does My Business Need Market Analysis?

Yes, market analysis is an essential tool that can help provide your business with the insights needed to perform well on Google faster and more consistently.

How Does Market Analysis Work?

Market analysis requires using an analytical tool to help generate a report on what keywords customers are searching for and the estimated traffic they generate, how competitors are performing in the market, and more.

How Much Does Market Analysis Cost?

Market analysis pricing can vary depending on your business’s needs and is based on a customized pricing structure.

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