Keyword Research

Data-centric keyword research strategies to give you clarity on which keywords to target.

Why is keyword research necessary?


Data is the foundation of any successful SCO campaign. And, the foundation of that data discovery process is keyword research.


Keyword research for SEO gives you insight into how, why, and what your target audience is searching for online.


By knowing which keywords are the highest value for your business, you know which keywords you need to target on your website. Most businesses assume they know which keywords to target and don’t look into the data.

Our keyword research process

The benefits of keyword research


You know exactly what your target audience is searching for, down to the amount of times per month they’re searching for them.


It ensures that you’re targeting the highest-value keywords on your website, which will result in better Google rankings.


If you leverage this keyword research and target the proper keywords on your site, you’ll likely see more website visitors, leads, and sales for your business.

What will happen if you don't invest in keyword research?

You'll live in the land of assumptions. It's not a fun place to live.


You will assume which keywords your target audience is searching for. While you may be right, not having tangible data with extensive metrics will usually result in targeting the wrong keywords.


Your competitors will continue to outperform you when it comes to SEO. Basically what this means is that you could be missing out on revenue.


You’ll likely spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars creating content around the wrong topics/keywords.

Our keyword research philosophy

Gather as much data as possible. Data is a business’s best friend when it comes to SEO.
Figure out which keywords are worth targeting. But also figure out which keywords are not worth targeting. This will likely save you thousands of dollars.
During the keyword research process, organize everything based on topic/subject. This will help businesses avoid the cannibalization of keywords.

How to get started with keyword research - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about keyword research:

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing specific keywords and phrases that your target audience is typing into Google so we can optimize your content accordingly.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research helps optimize your content specifically for your target audience. Without it, you could publish amazing content that your target market never sees.

Do I Need Keyword Research To Create Optimized Content?

Yes. In order to create optimized content, you need to understand user intent and which keywords to optimize for, which keyword research provides.

What Are The Benefits Of Keyword Research?

Keyword research can help you create content with the best ranking opportunity by comparing factors like volume and keyword difficulty.

How Is Keyword Research Conducted?

Hundreds of keywords and metrics are recorded for analysis to determine which keywords have the best ranking opportunities.

How Much Does Keyword Research Cost?

The cost for keyword research can vary depending on the amount of keyword research your business needs and how in-depth your keyword research needs to be.

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