SEO-Focused Content Creation

Content is the engine that drives SEO forward.

Why is SEO-focused content creation necessary?


A website without content is not a website. Google has a similar philosophy and puts content at the center of SEO rankings. Without content, you can’t rank in Google!


In order to rank in Google for your highest value keywords, you need relevant content on your website that relates to those keywords.


With nearly any business, consumers are searching for questions and queries in Google related to that topic. By creating relevant content around the questions and queries that your target audience is searching for, you can drive interested traffic to your website.

Our SEO-focused content process

The benefits of SEO-focused content creation


It can help you rank in Google for high-value keywords. Keywords that may have thousands of people searching each year.


It can drive more organic traffic to your website. By ranking well in Google, you’re likely to have more visitors come to your site.


It can result in an increase in leads, phone calls, and ultimately sales. By driving interested visitors to your site through content creation, you can get more clients/customers.

What will happen if your site doesn't have SEO-focused content?

People simply won't find you on Google. And that's not fun.


Without SEO-focused content creation on your website, you won’t rank well in Google for your target keywords. Which means you’ll be missing out on interested buyers.


You will have to rely on other forms of marketing, like paid advertising (Google AdWords) and word-of-mouth marketing. Both of which don’t scale well.


You’ll likely continue to fall behind your competitors who are creating content on a regular basis.

Our content philosophy

Content is the foundation to having a successful SEO campaign. By using data-driven strategies, content can perform at a high level quickly.
Follow Google’s best practices. Google has very clearly articulated what constitutes good content and what constitutes spammy content.
The more high-quality content you have, the higher likelihood you are to “win” when it comes to SEO.

How to get started with content creation - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about content creation

What Is SEO Content?

This is content created with SEO best practices in mind aimed at increasing your website’s visibility for your target market.

How Do You Optimize Content?

Content is optimized by using related keywords, internal and external linking for authority, matching user intent, and more.

Why Is Content Creation Important?

You can create amazing content for your target market, but they may never see it if it’s not optimized for Google’s search engine. Optimized content can help you rank well for multiple keywords and increase your website’s exposure.

Is SEO Content The Same As Copywriting?

No, but copywriting is a component of creating optimized content. SEO content goes the extra mile in creating content optimized for search queries while also creating useful content that aligns with user intent.

Can I Just Stuff A Bunch Of Keywords Into My Content And Expect It To Perform Well?

While this strategy once worked, it is no longer the case. Google cares deeply about user experience, so content must also be high-quality and valuable to the reader. The best course of action is to create content that is both optimized and highly valuable to the reader.

How Much Does Content Creation Cost?

Content creation cost can vary depending on the content length and how much content your business needs.

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