SEO Competitor Analysis

Gathering data about what & why your competitors are doing will lay a foundation for how to strategically outperform them.

Why is a competitor analysis necessary?


When trying to improve your SEO, you have a very specific benchmark. For each of your highest value keywords, you’d “win” if you outperformed the top 3 performing pages on Google. That’s it. By doing a competitor analysis, you’ll be able to gather data on why those competitors are ranking better than you.


It shows your competitors’ weaknesses. Often companies (especially those with larger competitors) feel overwhelmed – they’re not sure how they can outperform a company larger and more established with them. However, during competitor analyses, we are able to exploit your competitors’ SEO weaknesses.


It helps you find opportunity gaps. When doing a competitor analysis, we find areas, keywords, content opportunities, and technical SEO strategies where your competitors have fallen short.

Our competitor analysis process

The benefits of a competitor analysis


It provides clarity and peace of mind. Many businesses have no clue why they’re being outperformed. With this audit, it’ll become crystal clear.


It can spark creativity in ways to outperform them. By analyzing what, why, and how your competitors are structuring their SEO campaigns, we can come up with more advanced and more creative strategies.


It allows you to spend your SEO dollars the right way. Many companies assume that they should invest in certain SEO strategies, but they don’t know for sure. By gathering this data, you’ll be able to confidently invest your SEO budget in the highest priority projects.

What will happen if you don't invest in a competitor analysis?

It'll be much more challenging to outperform your competitors.


You’ll likely invest your SEO money into the wrong strategies.


Your competitors will continue to outperform you when it comes to SEO.


You won’t have clarity on which SEO projects are most important for your business’s success.

Our competitor analysis philosophy

Data is powerful. By gathering technical SEO data about competitors’ sites, it gives us an insight into how to outperform them.

Analyzing a competitor’s content is where the magic happens. By understanding why they create the content they do, how that content performs, and which content topics they’re missing out on, gaps can be found.
Competitors might be targeting the wrong things as well (but still winning). So, we still look at SEO best practices to determine the best roadmap.

How to get started with your competitor analysis - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about backlink toxicity:

What Is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis involves identifying the links, keywords, content, and other successful components that your competitors are using so you can position your content to perform better.

Why Is Competitor Analysis Important?

Competitor analysis can give you insights into your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths so you can position your business to out-perform them.

How Does Competitor Analysis Help Boost SEO?

Through competitor analysis, you can take a look at content and keywords that your competitors are already ranking for and position your business to optimize for those content topics and keywords better.

Does My Business Need Competitor Analysis?

Yes. Competitor analysis is a valuable tool that can help you begin to outrank your competitors faster and more consistently.

How Does Competitor Analysis Work?

Competitor analysis requires using an analytic tool that allows you to view what keywords your competitors are ranking for and their estimated traffic, the source and quality of their backlinks, and more.

How Much Does Competitor Analysis Cost?

The cost for competitor analysis varies from business to business depending on your needs.

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