Backlink Toxicity Audit

Not all backlinks are positive. Find out which links are hurting your performance.

Why is a backlink toxicity audit necessary?


Knowledge is power. By understanding what your backlink profile looks like, you’ll be able to take action. Many websites have an overall negative backlink profile, which consequently hurts their SEO.


With knowledge, you can take action. If you do not have a negative backlink profile, then you can invest money into SEO strategies that will drive more impact for your business. If you do have a negative backlink profile, you can take action.


It helps you disavow spammy backlinks that are hurting your site. Not all negative backlinks should be disavowed within your Google Search Console – however, there are certain backlinks that should be disavowed. This audit will help you determine that information.

Our backlink toxicity audit process

The benefits of a backlink toxicity audit


It can help with long-term website health. Your website health is contingent on multiple factors, one of which is your backlink profile.


It can boost your SEO. One of Google’s major ranking factors is backlinks. By understanding your backlink toxicity, you can take action to improve it. Consequently, your SEO will improve with a better backlink profile.


It can help you outperform competitors. Many brands have negative backlink profiles. If your competitors also have negative backlink profiles, then the act of improving yours could put you over the edge to outperform your competitors.

What will happen if your site has spammy backlinks without you knowing?

Spammy Backlinks Can Inhibit Your Site's Performance


Your site could be penalized by Google. We’re not talking lower rankings. We’re actually talking about Google giving your website a penalty that could have dramatic negative impacts.


Your competitors will continue to outperform you when it comes to SEO. Basically what this means is that you could be missing out on revenue.


If your site has spammy backlinks without you knowing, then you won’t be able to take action and do anything about it. Data is a business’s best friend, and having this backlink profile data will allow you to make informed decisions.

Our backlink philosophy

The goal is to get as many high-quality, natural backlinks as possible. The important distinction is that the backlinks are natural. Many SEO companies pay for backlinks, which may help temporarily in the short term but lead to problems long-term.
One of the best ways to get high-quality, natural backlinks is through creating valuable content that your target audience will love reading.
Many businesses put too much emphasis and money behind backlinks. One of the quickest ways to improve your SEO is through content. By optimizing your current content and creating new content (which is often much cheaper than backlinks, which average ~ $400 per backlinks), you’ll see quicker results.

How to get started with your backlink toxicity audit - 3 easy steps:

FAQs about backlink toxicity:

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website that externally link to another website.

What Are Toxic Backlinks?

Toxic backlinks are links from websites that Google has identified as low authority/spammy sites. Toxic backlinks can happen organically or from bad link building practices.

Why Are Backlink Toxicity Reports Important?

Backlink Toxicity reports help you identify and remediate toxic backlinks that are damaging your website’s authority and SEO.

Should I Pay For Backlinks?

No, this is a great way to get toxic backlinks, as Google highly frowns upon this practice. The best way to accrue high-quality backlinks is naturally through SEO best practices.

How Does My Business Benefit From Backlinks?

High-quality backlinks send signals to Google that your website is credible and your content is valuable to users. This helps boost your site authority and visibility on Google.

How Much Does A Backlink Toxicity Report Cost?

The cost for a backlink toxicity report can vary. Every project is unique and therefore requires a customized pricing structure.

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